Myindianart Vol-4 Catalog 2018

Showcasing Artworks of 29 Upcoming & Eminent Artists of India.

MyIndianArt Vol-3 Catalog 2015.

"Small is Beautiful" - Exquisite Collection of 100 Small & Miniature Works of Eminent Artists.

MyIndianArt Vol-2 Catalog 2014.
Showcasing Artworks of 45 Upcoming & Eminent Artists of India.

MyIndianArt Vol-1 Catalog 2013.
Showcasing Artworks of 80 Upcoming & Eminent Artists of India.

And There’s More To The Story Than Just Online Catalogues Of Art Gallery In Kolkata!

If you have landed on this page on purpose, you surely are an art enthusiast! Online catalogues aren’t hunted just for the heck of it. But, did you know that we have a brick-and-mortar art gallery in Kolkata, too? We call it the ‘Masters Collection.’

Based ritualistically in the city, we pick and present a range of awe-inspiring collection of Indian modern art online and offline, created by some of the finest artists of the country.

This is our humble attempt to keep the fire of the style alive.

Indian contemporary art has touched the hearts of many like you and we. Inspired by its vibrancy we have decided to gather a myriad of flavours, ranging from Oil Paintings to Acrylic Paintings, Watercolour masterpieces to Charcoal magic.

Masters Collection is now a brimming hub of so many creative minds and such a huge surge of Indian original art!

Of course, our website is our soapbox; we keep our visitors engaged in Contemporary artwork of modern times through it, adding incredible works, wherever, whenever we can. We are your ultimate channel toward witnessing some amazing paintings by Indian artists and buying Indian art online.